12 Efficient Ways To Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Efficient Home Cleaning

12 Efficient Ways to Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Nobody likes to clean. All the bending, reaching and stretching, just to end up sweaty, dusty, and in desperate need of a shower. But cleaning is essential towards not only keeping a happy home but keeping a home that you can relax in.

When it comes to cleaning, there is so much to it than just sweeping, dusting, and mopping. There are proper and efficient ways to go about your house cleaning, ensuring that you clean efficiently and thoroughly. Don’t waste your time with subpar methods that force you to go back to a particular spot two or three times because you didn’t do it right the first time. With these 12 house cleaning Brisbane tips to thoroughly clean your home, you can save your energy and time by cleaning the best way possible:

1) One Task At a Time, Not One Room At a TimeEfficient Home Cleaning Mopping Floor

It’s easy to convince yourself that the best way to clean your home is to go through one room at a time. However, this costs a lot more time than it saves. This is because you end up going through your entire cleaning routine one-by-one, for every single room. This means picking up and putting down your broom, vacuum, mop, and every other tool for every room you visit. Instead, it’s better to complete each task all throughout the house before moving onto the next task.

2) Organize Your Tools In A Single Bucket

Efficient Home Cleaning Products

Don’t waste your time by dragging around a dozen or so tools individually to every room you visit. Put them together in a tote or bucket, a single portable cleaning station where everything can be stored. This saves you that wasted time looking for every tool every time you need it.

3) Start By Picking Up

Efficient Home Cleaning Up Mess

Don’t be lazy—before starting with each room, pick up what you can pick up. Trying to do it “faster” by cleaning around the clutter and the mess instead of picking it up wastes more time than you think. This includes magazines, shoes, clothes, books. And remember: evaluate each item you pick up, and whether or not it’s better off in the trash.

4) General Dusting and Vacuuming Tips

Efficiently Home Cleaning Dusting

When dusting, turn off all fans and ACs, to avoid the dust blowing around the room and settling somewhere new. Always dust the tops and bottoms of shelves, frames, screens, and small items. A microfiber cloth at the end of a broom is great if you are struggling with high or low areas. Finally, make sure your beds have clean sheets prior to your vacuuming.

5) Wipe: Damp Then Dry

The cleanest and quickest way to clean your glass and mirrors is by starting off with a damp microfiber cloth. Afterwards, wipe it down again with a dry cloth.

6) Disinfect All Surface Areas

Every single hard surface needs to be disinfected and wiped down. This includes (but isn’t limited to) telephones, light switches, appliances, doorknobs, countertops, and TV remotes. Any surface that is regularly handled is crawling with germs. To create a nontoxic disinfection solution, mix a cup of water with half a cup of apple cider vinegar.

7) Vacuum While Moving

Efficient Home Cleaning Floor Vacuum

Vacuums are great for wide and open areas of the floor, but are generally inefficient when it smaller corners. Don’t spend too much time trying to get the dust out of these areas; if you don’t get them the first time, you will eventually get them the next.

8) Sweep Before MoppingEfficient Home Cleaning Sweeping Floor

One common mistake is cleaners who mop before they sweep, or don’t sweep at all. Sweep floors before touching the mop. When mopping, begin at the corner farthest from the door, and then move backwards. This prevents you from tracking steps into the wet floor.

9) Toilets, Sinks, and Tubs Require Extra Attention

Efficient House Cleaning Toilet Cleaning

It isn’t enough to simply wipe down toilets, sinks, and tubs. Start by spraying cleaner on these surfaces; wait a few minutes, allowing the cleaner to remove stains and dirt. Then scrub—include the inside of the microwave—and make sure the toilets are scrubbed last.

10) Regularly Wash All Your Cleaning Equipment

An easily forgotten part of cleaning is cleaning the actual tools and equipment that you use. However, if you never take the time to clean this equipment, you will just end up spreading germs and bacteria around your home. Thoroughly scrub and wash each tool at least once or twice a month.

11) Turn Cleaning Into a Group Effort

Efficient Family Home Cleaning

Cleaning on your own is the easiest way to burn yourself out, long before you have finished the house. Turn it into a group effort by coordinating the cleaning with everyone in your home. Work together, and perhaps consider turning it into a game.

12) Use Quality Products

Finally, the best way to ensure a quality rubdown of your home is by using quality products. If your goal when buying cleaning products is to try to find the cheapest and most affordable way to do it, you will end up with a much harder time than you would with products that are proven and trusted to get the job done.

Need help cleaning your home?

Our professional, experienced house cleaners can quickly and affordably work to leave your home looking, feeling and smelling amazing. Contact us today and find out just how great it can feel to have more time to do the things you truly enjoy in your spare time.

Why You Should Consider A Graham’s Cleaning Franchise In 2018

Grahams Cleaning Franchise

Why You Should Consider A Graham’s Cleaning Franchise In 2018

New years are all about change. After all, that’s what resolutions are for. It’s easy to say that you’re going to shed off more pounds or do something you’ve never done before. But when it comes to big, real-life changes that could impact your entire life, these changes become harder and harder to welcome.

Let’s face it: life isn’t getting any easier. For most people, the 9-5 schedule just isn’t cutting it. As a solution, they spend their lives working two jobs just to get the bare minimum. The brave ones go off and start their own business. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t.

You can enjoy the many benefits of running your own business without risking too much. It all boils down to one word: franchising.

Why Choose Graham Cleaning As Your Business Franchise

When starting your own business, you need something that sells. If you can’t think of your own product or service, the next best choice is to go for something that has already been established.

Graham’s Franchise Group started operating in 1992. We’ve been a Brisbane household staple for 25 years and we continue to aim for growth in the years to come. With locations out in Brisbane, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast, there’s no denying that Graham’s Home and Cleaning is one of the most established brands you can work with.

Franchising with Grahams: What To Expect

Here are some reasons why the Graham franchise is the ultimate cleaning franchise Brisbane residents need:

• Established Clientele

Grahams Cleaning Franchise Clients

After 25 years of experience in the business, our franchises have serviced over 200,000 homes. Every year, we watch as our clients double in numbers. Your franchise is bound to have plenty of work because what you’re selling isn’t just a service, it’s a brand.

The Graham’s company is well-known all around Australia. You don’t have to worry about inconsistencies because the Graham brand is one that is already popular among many homeowners in the Brisbane area.

• Convenience

Grahams Cleaning Franchise Convenience

Gone are the days when you had to spend so much time worrying about reports and files and spreadsheets. Once you become a Graham franchiser, you become your own boss. You are able to hone your managerial skills and unleash your potential as a real entrepreneur.

More importantly, you are able to control your own time. No more fixed schedules, no more commitment. Once you become a franchiser, your time becomes your own business.

• Ongoing Support and Training

Grahams Cleaning Franchise Training and Support

Other cleaning franchise Brisbane residents engage in have no support whatsoever. As a brand, our goal at Graham’s is to develop a consistent identity of quality service. When you become a Graham’s franchiser, you are welcomed into a network of professionals who are passionate about giving quality service.

Along with the equipment that comes with the franchise, you gain exclusive access to invaluable training and support conducted by our very own Graham experts. Everything that you need to know regarding the business—getting clients, setting up deals—will be taught to you. All you have to do is set up your franchise and the rest will be handed to you on a silver platter.

• Marketing and Advertising Covered

Grahams Cleaning Franchise Marketing

You don’t have to worry about creative know-how. As an established brand, we make sure that all our franchises have equal opportunities for profit. We disseminate materials that you can use to help out your business at no extra cost.

• Independent Future

This is perhaps the main reason why you should apply for a Graham’s franchise. Working on a schedule, earning the bare minimum is a life nobody deserves. At Graham’s, we understand the need for a secure future and a better life.

From sole operators, husband and wife teams, and business entrepreneurs, a Graham’s cleaning franchise has been welcomed by dozens of people for its in-demand service.

The Cleaning Franchise Brisbane Residents Deserve

 Getting started with the franchise is easier than you think. We recommend that you learn more about Graham’s Home and Cleaning before you send us an inquiry. That way, you will know what our core principles are in service.

To learn more about the franchise, get in touch with us and we’ll send you an inquiry as soon as possible.

Congratulations, you are one step closer to becoming a Graham’s Home and Cleaning franchise! Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. But with the right amount of dedication, hard work, and belief in yourself, you can rest assured that you are working hard on your own growth as a business owner.

Brisbane’s #1 Home Cleaners

Graham's Home Cleaning Brisbane Professional House Cleaners Cleaning

Brisbane’s #1 Home Cleaners

Keeping your home in tip-top shape can be almost like having a second full-time job. And when you’ve spent the day working, driving through traffic, and taking care of the kids, do you really have the time, or let alone the energy, to sweep, dust, and mop every corner of your home?

Coming home to a clean and tidy house can do wonders for your stress and relaxation; coming home to a messy, sticky, dirty house makes you want to close your eyes the moment you step through the front door. Professional home cleaning Brisbane services are the answer for you—at Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care, we do it all. Let us be the professional home cleaners you never knew you were missing in your life.

Why Us?

There are a number of reasons why Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care are the home cleaning Brisbane professionals that you need for your house, but we’ll boil it down for you into two words: we care.

We care about the individual. About every person with a full-time job, several kids, relatives and friends and co-workers bugging them 24/7, who only wants to shut out all the noise, lay on the couch and relax. We know exactly how difficult it can be to juggle every part of a modern life; add cleaning an entire home to the mix, and you might end up going insane.

Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care is the number one home cleaning Brisbane solution for thousands of clients. We have been hard at working cleaning homes and helping families for over twenty years. And with all that experience, we have all the best equipment, tools, and chemicals, and know all the best techniques. Sounds better than your five-year-old mop in the kitchen closet, doesn’t it?

Relaxing In Professional Cleaner Cleaned Home


Domestic Cleaning 

Everything in your home. We wipe, sweep, and scrub every corner in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and anywhere else that falls under your property. This also includes one-off cleans, end of lease bond cleans, and regular cleaning. Come home to a house that is literally shining, or let us work on your carpets, walls, and floors while you sit back and relax. 

House Cleaner Cleaning Kitchen Sink

Office Cleaning 

The office can be a grimy and germy place, and with your employees spending at least eight hours a day in the space, it can be easy for a clean office to turn into a giant mess. We will go over everything, including your carpets, walls, windows, desks, toilets, and more.

Office Cleaners Cleaning Office

Commercial Cleaning

Need your store or commercial area looking brand new again? Customers are the harshest critics, so keeping your commercial area in perfect condition is essential towards making the sale. We will give your area that “straight out of the magazine” look that will convince any customer that your store is the real deal.

Commercial Cleaners Cleaning Bathroom

Special Promo

Are you considering Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care for the first time? We’re offering this amazing short-term special: for every new regular client, you can save 50% off* your second cleaning session, whether it’s in your home, office, or commercial area. We also offer work for body corporate services, move in and move out cleanings, spring cleanings, and anything else you could need.

Become our latest regular and start saving money on your cleaning today!

Getting Cleaning That Lasts 

Have you ever stayed at a 5-star hotel and found yourself amazed at how incredibly clean everything is, from the corners in the walls to the carpets beneath the bed? The difference between your cleaning regimen and the 5-star hotel’s cleaning regimen is the experience. With professional home cleaners with decades of experience for thousands of clients, you will see your home in a new light: a clean one.

Professional Cleaning Home

Contact us today, and hire the best home cleaning Brisbane professionals in the business.


*Special promo is valid at the time of writing this article and is subject to change. Conditions apply.

Why Every Brisbane Homeowner Should Hire A Cleaner

Happy Couple In Clean Brisbane Home
Why Every Brisbane Homeowner Should Hire A Cleaner

Keeping your home clean is an expectation that sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to meet. While juggling a full-time job, parent-teacher meetings at the school, and every other responsibility you have to your family and friends, where are you supposed to find the time to sweep, brush, mop, wipe down, and clean even just once a week? Times have changed. With more expectations and work on your plate than ever before, keeping your home clean just isn’t something you have the luxury of time or energy to perform. So does that mean you have to live in a filthy home?

Of course not! Home cleaning in Brisbane has never been easier. With Graham’s Home and Cleaning services, we can give you the best home cleaning Brisbane has to offer. Avoid the added weight and pain of keeping your home clean, and make your home life exactly what it should be: relaxing. Here are some of the main reasons why every Brisbane homeowner should hire a cleaner

Kids Keeping the House Messy

Kids Making Mess In Clean Brisbane Home

You can’t help it and they can’t help it; they’re kids, and no amount of yelling or discipline can stop them from being the mini-tornados they become every time you turn your back. Putting everything back in place every day after your kids have torn the house apart often feels like a losing battle, one that you have immensely less energy than your opponent to fight. And what’s the best way to fight a fight you can’t win? Don’t participate.

With Graham’s Home and Cleaning, you don’t have to deal with your kids messing up the house every other day. Let the professionals take care of it, people who are paid to put up with your kids’ mess.

No Time

Exhausted Mum In Messy Home Brisbane

The modern world is faster than it has ever been before. Our lifestyles demand speed and quality, all day, every day. Whether we’re meeting up with old friends, going out to another business meeting, catching up on our hobbies, or squeezing in time for the family, we’ve always got something to do. We’ve become so neurotic with our time to the point that we have no more time, meaning we have barely any time to clean.

Graham’s Home and Cleaning can give you those extra minutes or hours every week. Don’t let cleaning feel like a mindless chore taking you away from more important things. Let us deal with the cobwebs in your corners and the stains on your table; you find the time to do what you need to do.

Keeping Your Investment Maintained

Every part of the home is an investment. From your walls to your tables, every part of it is an investment of your hard-earned money. Letting your home wear down through neglect and a lack of regular cleaning is damaging your own investment. Whether or not you will ever put your home back on the market, it’s only responsible of you to keep everything that you own as clean as it can be.

Do What You Love, Not What You Have To Do

There isn’t enough time in the day to fulfil all your obligations while having the quality time to spend with your family, and more importantly, with yourself. By hiring Graham’s Home and Cleaning, you free up several hours every week for more important things. Take back your life one minute at a time, and get back to being the person you really are; not the cleaner you have to be.

Eliminate the Germs and Bugs

Pest In Brisbane Home

As hard as you try, you have to admit: you’re not a professional cleaner. Sure, you can get your home smelling nice and looking nice, but do you really have the thorough skill and capability to eliminate every bug and area of germs?

Graham’s Home and Cleaning professionals have the experience and know-how to target the areas that are prone to germs and bugs. We also have the best tools and equipment on-hand to deal with whatever infestation your home may be experiencing. Leave the cleansing of your home to the professionals, and you will never have to worry about pesky contamination again.

It Feels Great

Everything else aside, there’s one reason that stands out above the rest: having your home cleaned for you simply feels great. Coming home after a long day of work to a spotless house may be one of the best comforts in life.

Empower yourself and enrich your life with some of the top home cleaning Brisbane can offer: Graham’s Home and Cleaning. Contact us today, and have professionals put the spark back in your home.

10 Ways Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care Makes Home Cleaning a Breeze

Making Home Cleaning A Breeze

10 Ways Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care Makes Home Cleaning a Breeze

When it comes to home cleaning Brisbane services, none can compete with Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care, in terms of quality, service, and actual care. Here are 10 ways Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care makes home cleaning a breeze.

1) We Get Every Spot Of Grime And Dirt

When you or an inexperienced (or uncaring) maid service cleans your own home, there may be a tendency to miss a few spots of grime, dust, and dirt. This isn’t any fault of your own; this could just be a result of not having enough experience with home cleaning. Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care looks under every surface, in every tiny corner, and brushes every crevice. We get every spot by checking over everything several rounds.
Detailed Home Cleaning Brisbane

2) Proper Usage of Cleaning Materials

With Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care, you don’t have to keep a full stock of every cleaning liquid and cleaning material available in the supermarket. We have every tool and cleaning agent, meaning all of our jobs are performed in the best possible way.
Home Cleaning Equipment And Products

3) You Will Destress Like Royalty

Nothing is more stressful after a long day or week at work, knowing that you’re going to be stuck cleaning the entire home for an entire day. When all you want to do is sit back and relax, then call the best home cleaning Brisbane services available: Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care. Put up your feet and let us help you destress like royalty. Take the weekend off to relax; let us worry about the mess.
Relaxing In A Clean Home

4) We’ve Been Doing This For Over Two Decades

When it comes to home cleaning Brisbane services out there, none can top Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care. Why? Because for the last 23 years, we have been helping clients come home to a clean and spotless house, with no more work on their part than a quick phone call to our nearest office. With 23 years of experience, we understand every issue, problem, and sudden surprise that can pop out in a home cleaning job, and we come prepared for it all.

5) We Take Care of Things You Might Not Consider

Cleaning a home doesn’t just mean wiping off the dusty shelves and mopping the dirty floor. A proper and thorough home cleaning Brisbane company provides the full package, including eliminating allergens and contaminants in places that you might miss. Taking care of these airborne toxins like smoke, mould particles, and chemical products are key to protecting your family from respiratory problems, like asthma attacks and increased susceptibility to pneumonia.
Quality Home Cleaning Brisbane Every Spot

6) We Handle Even the Places You Can’t See, Like Heating and Cooling Systems

Speaking of allergens and contaminants again, the best ways to fight against these is through maintaining a properly and thoroughly cleaned heating and cooling system. Why? Because fans, heaters, and air conditioning systems are the number one source for the spread of allergens and contaminants. Dirty filters can end up blowing contaminated air back into the room, and the air itself can blow up resting particles and make them airborne again. There is no better home cleaning Brisbane can offer than Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care, because we watch out for every heating and cooling system in your home.
Home Cooling System Cleaning Brisbane

7) No Job Is Out Of Our Range

You may be reluctant to call home cleaning Brisbane services because of an unusual case or strange problem. But believe us—we’ve handled it all. No job is too big, too small, or too extraordinarily unique; with over 23 years in this industry, we’ve not only seen it all, but we’ve cleaned it all. Don’t be shy to give us a call: let us know today what we can do for you.

8) We Can Do It On A Schedule

Need regular and reliable home cleaning Brisbane services? This is where we beat all of our competition once more—no matter how often you may need it, we are readily available to provide the home cleaning services for your ideal home. Any day, any hour, and any frequency—we are available to serve you.

9) Every Single Employee Is Professionally Trained

We understand the pain of home cleaning Brisbane companies who send inexperienced and untrained cleaners working on your home. Not only do you end up feeling disrespected and not getting your money’s worth, but you feel betrayed by the company you put your trust in. That’s why Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care puts extra effort into ensuring that every single employee is as professionally trained as our top level staff. From top to bottom, Graham Home and Cleaning Care representatives all hold themselves to the highest standards.

10) Don’t Believe Us? Take It From One of Our 200,000 Customers

That’s right—over the last 23 years, Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care has cleaned, dusted, and polished over 200,000 homes. There isn’t a single home cleaning Brisbane service out there that can top our extreme record of customer satisfaction and quality service.

Don’t be burdened by the responsibility of a dirty home. Your overall mood and satisfaction are directly affected by the cleanliness of your personal kingdom; if you let it become messy, you’ll think of yourself as a mess. Let the professionals hand your home and cleaning care. Contact us today!

Life’s Too Short to Scrub Skirting Boards: 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Cleaner

Tired Home Cleaner Why Hire A Home Cleaning Professional

Life’s Too Short to Scrub Skirting Boards: 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Home Cleaner

People spend between 2 and 4 hours a week on cleaning and household tasks, according to research published by Austin Maid Service. Over a lifetime this results in between 6448 and 12896 hours spent on vacuuming, dusting and wiping.

To put that into perspective, this is the equivalent of between 8 and 20 months of your life just spent cleaning, when it could have been spent doing something that really matters and creates lasting memories, like spending it with friends and family.

This is where professional home cleaners come in. They can take over much of your home cleaning, from the simple weekly cleans to the yearly deep cleans, leaving you with more time for what matters.

Aside from saving you time, there is a multitude of other benefits to hiring a professional home cleaner. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should hire a professional home cleaner.

1. Reduces stress

Did you know that it is recommended that you clean your toilet and vacuum the entirety of the house on a weekly basis? Most people don’t get joy out of the act of cleaning making it on a low priority on their busy to do lists. Chores end up being left undone for weeks, even months at a time.

The main reason that most people hire a professional home cleaner is that they simply don’t like cleaning. Whether it be an issue of timing or effort, people put off their cleaning or only do the bare essentials leaving the problem areas sorely neglected for long periods of time.

Hiring a professional home cleaner takes away the stress of having to force yourself to clean which often only results in a partial job being done.

Exhausted Mum Trying To Clean Home

2. You avoid build ups of dirt and grime which speed up the wear and tear of a property

When a rush job is done when cleaning, the hard to reach or clean areas that aren’t in the direct line of sight are missed. Areas such as the back of heaters, tops of ceiling fans and backs of fridges are all areas that are commonly overlooked, but build up dirt quickly.

When dust and dirt build up on things like electrical devices, it can shorten their lifespan leaving you to replace them more regularly, raising your power bills and sometimes even posing a safety risk.

Appliances like fridges are prone to overheating when they are too dusty, which drains more power from the grid to cool its contents and costing you money. If dust builds up on the back of a heater, it becomes a fire risk as dust will ignite if too much of it comes in contact with the heating coils.

These areas are commonly neglected in home cleaning, as they are in hard to reach areas that require the movement of heavy items to access. By hiring a professional home cleaner, they will do a deep clean of these areas for you, saving your back and your wallet in the future.

3. Everything is cleaned properly

How many of us have a multi purpose cleaning product that we use on everything? Sometimes these multi-purpose products are used incorrectly and on the wrong surfaces, which resulted in more of a mess than it cleaned up.

Professional home cleaners are experienced in their field and know exactly what to use for every cleaning situation.

While some home cleaners ask that you supply the cleaning products yourself, most will supply their own equipment and chemicals.

Armed with the knowledge about the best way to clean stubborn stains and surfaces, a professional home cleaner will make sure that everything is cleaned properly and is left in the best condition possible.

Professional Home Cleaner Cleaning Toilet

If you are looking for someone to handle the cleaning to ensure that you get your bond back after renting, want your property to look its best for sale, preparing for a significant event in your life like a new baby, or even just want a yearly deep clean, Graham’s Home and Cleaning Care on the Sunshine Coast will ensure that your home is perfectly clean leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

For more information on our services or to receive a free quote for your home, give our friendly team a call on 1300 134 035 or click here to fill in our free quote form.


Why Hiring A House Cleaning Brisbane Professional Could Be Better For You And Your Family’s Health

House Cleaning Brisbane Happy Clean Home

Why Hiring A House Cleaning Brisbane Professional Could Be Better For You & Your Family’s Health

Being healthy is a combination not only of what you put into your body and how you use your body, such as exercise, but also what you absorb through your skin and the air you breath. Did you know that the state of your home can also contribute to your health? Whilst a clean home reduces the contaminants and allergens you and your family are exposed to, a clean home can also establish a happy state of mind too!

Contaminants & Airborne Allergens

There are many different forms of contaminants and allergens that can affect you or your family’s health in the home. Some of these can include smoke, dirt and dust, pollen, mould and mildew particles and chemical products. Regularly cleaning your house thoroughly can help to reduce the amount of contaminants and allergens you are exposed to. Contaminants and allergens once airborne can enter into your respiratory system cause health problems such as asthma attacks and increase risk of pneumonia.

Professional cleaning companies use thorough cleaning techniques and safe products proven to eliminate allergens and contaminants in places that you might regularly miss.

Left Over Food & Pests

Left over and decomposing food are know to contain harmful bacteria that can contaminate surfaces and attract pests into your home. Though pests themselves may not always be harmful, the diseases and bacteria that carry and leave behind in their faeces, can pose a serious health threat to you and your family. Regularly washing dishes thoroughly wiping down surfaces, disposing of spent foods and sweeping floors whilst helps eliminate this risk. House cleaning professionals’ cleaning techniques get into the places you might miss or have trouble reaching, whether it is under the stove, in between electric stove elements or cutting through solid food build up.

House Cleaning Brisbane General Cleaning Pests

Carpets & Soft Fabrics

Carpets and soft fabrics such as curtains, couches and rugs, due to their nature, can accommodate and catch dust, dirt, previously airborne allergens, tobacco smoke as well as house pests such as fleas and mites. It can often be hard to determine the cleanliness of soft fabrics which often from a distance appear clean, however; lying beneath the surface it is another story. Deep cleaning carpets, couches, curtains and other dense soft fabrics by a house cleaning professional lifts out these harmful elements, deodorises and revitalises them making them not only safe for you and your family but also freshens them. This can be particularly important for families with young children who spend a lot of time crawling around on the soft carpet.

House Cleaning Brisbane Carpet Cleaning

Heating & Cooling Systems

Air conditioners, heaters and fans can be some of the worst places for housing and spreading contaminants and allergens. This is due to the fact they when recycling air, if filters become overloaded and blocked, they can begin filling the air, blowing back into the room, with the very allergens it was trying to filter out of the room. The act of blowing air can also stir up previously settled particles thus when they are lifted and sucked out of the room, if filters aren’t cleaned, can result in more allergens filling the room than previous. Brisbane house cleaning professionals cater to thoroughly clean rooms and air systems to ensure that not only is the air going into these heating and cooling systems cleaner, reducing how fast filters fill, but also cleans the filters so the air coming back out is cleaner for your family to breath.

House Cleaning Brisbane Fan Home Cleaning

Professional cleaners are experienced and highly trained to thoroughly clean all aspects of your home to ensure it is safe, clean and fresh.

Here at Graham’s Home And Cleaning Care, our highly trained and experienced Brisbane cleaning professionals cater to all house cleaning, bond & end of lease cleaning, commercial, industrial and building cleaning needs. They use specialist equipment and non-toxic chemicals safe for grey water recycling systems, to ensure not only is your home or business safe and clean, but also the techniques used to clean is also safe for your garden or lawn. If you would like help with cleaning your house or business, contact us today for a free quote.
Call us on 1300 134 035.

House Cleaning Brisbane: Window Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Graham's Home And Cleaning Care House Cleaning Brisbane Window Cleaning Tips And Tricks

House Cleaning Brisbane: Window Cleaning Tips & Tricks

As part of any house cleaning Brisbane routine, window cleaning is a job that most people dread, especially those with lots of large windows or own a multi-storey home. Interestingly, there are a lot of tricks people don’t know, that can make window cleaning in Brisbane a whole lot easier.

1. Window Screens Lock In Dirt

Living in a country where mosquitos and flies are common pests we try to keep out our homes, fly screens were a fantastic solution to this. Little be know though, if you are wondering how your windows get so dirty, window screens are a likely conclusion. Trapping in heat, humidity, debris and dirt, the screens if not themselves cleaned, regularly can quickly turn a clean window into a dirty one.  To combat this, regularly take out and vacuum your window screens or, if possible, remove unnecessary window screens on windows you don’t open even during summer.

Graham's Home And Cleaning Care House Cleaning Brisbane Window Cleaning Screens

2. Static Dirt

If you find yourself reaching for a paper towel or old newspaper when attempting to clean your windows, this may actually be causing you more work. Static, caused by friction between the hard yet smooth and dry surface of a paper towel or newspaper, forces dry dirt and dust particles to cling to the window even after cleaning. Not only does this make windows harder to clean, but also more likely to hold and re-collect dirt. Cleaning windows with dry fabrics should be avoided to prevent scratching. Here at Graham’s our House Cleaning Brisbane team use the latest quality, effective equipment to ensure your home and windows are treated and cleaned with the utmost care.

Graham's Home And Cleaning Care House Cleaning Brisbane Window Cleaning With Paper Towel

3. City Living

Similar to car cleaning, your Brisbane house cleaning workload can be increased if you live close to a busy road. Oil and dirt from within exhaust fumes and attached to vehicles settles on windows and around your home, causing your home to become dirty faster. Oil clinging to windows holds dirt and dust eventually covering your window with a noticeable layer of dirt. Though it is hard to stop this influx of oil and dirt, features such as block out trees, hedges, fences and verandah blinds (if you have a patio or verandah) filter some of the dirt and oil out of the air before it reaches your home.

Graham's Home And Cleaning Care House Cleaning Brisbane Window Cleaning Near Road

4. Inside Smoking

Similar to how oil from within car exhaust can cling to windows, tar and nicotine from cigarettes can act the same way, particularly if you smoke inside the house. If possibly, refrain from smoking indoors and when smoking outdoors stand in a location that ensures smoke is blown away from your home.

Graham's Home And Cleaning Care House Cleaning Brisbane Window Cleaning Smoking Indoors

5. Poor Air Circulation

Did you know that rooms with no air flow will still have dirty windows? Air circulation is in fact good for your home’s overall cleanliness. Overtime, rooms with poor air circulation will accumulate dust build up from any soft furnishings, clothes, uncoated raw materials, woods, etc. This build up will eventually settle on windows, window sills and furnishings. Regularly cleaning air filters, opening up windows (if not near busy roads), and dusting can help keep dust under control.

Graham's Home And Cleaning Care House Cleaning Brisbane Window Cleaning Air Circulation

6. Sticky Pollen

Trees surrounding homes such as wattles or gums, that flower, can actually be the source of extra dirty windows during that flowering period. This is due to sticky pollen from within the flowers landing on windows and causing dirt and dust to stick to it. Though again, it is hard to prevent this from happening with already established trees, however when planting in future, try and keep heavy flowering trees away from the home. This method not only can save you washing your windows more frequently but also can help reduce allergies and concerns during severe weather conditions.

Graham's Home And Cleaning Care House Cleaning Brisbane Window Cleaning Home Pollen Tree

7. Bird Droppings and Interactions

Birds can be quite territorial creatures, sometimes even unknowingly against themselves, seeing their own reflection in your sparkling clean window. In Australia, however; it is common to find magpies or noisy miner birds interacting with your window leaving smear marks and bird droppings. While also unpleasant to see, bird droppings, when baked by the sun, can become quite difficult to remove, staining your window. Bird deterrents and anti-bird spikes can help prevent birds landing on or around your windows. If you do find hard to remove bird droppings on your windows, soak the area thoroughly to help soften the droppings, before wiping off with a wet cloth.

Graham's Home And Cleaning Care House Cleaning Brisbane Window Cleaning Bird Droppings

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Most Overlooked Places When Home Cleaning Brisbane


Everyone loves having a home that is clean and tidy. Home cleaning makes our homes look good and feel good too as it eliminates inanimate allergens such as dust, pet hair and pollen that can easily become airborne causing allergies. Though we clean thoroughly all the places we can see, nooks and crannies, often overlooked, can undo all our hard work. Which of these home cleaning Brisbane places, do you overlook?

Door Knobs, Handles & Light Switches

Door knobs, cupboard handles and light switches are used everyday, however; they are one of the most common places overlooked when cleaning. Our hands collect and carry an abundance of germs, dirt and grime throughout our day which is quickly and easy transferred onto the things we touch. Cleaning all door knobs, handles and switches throughout your home can reduce germs and bacteria from being transferred back onto your hands after you have washed them.

grahams_home_and_cleaning_care_home_cleaning_brisbane_unclean_door_handle.jpg grahams_home_and_cleaning_care_home_cleaning_brisbane_unclean_light_switch.jpg

Lights, Air Conditioners & Fans

As they are above us, things like lights, air conditioners, and ceiling fans are often overlooked when home cleaning. This can cause problems as dust and dirt build up can be spread, affecting allergies when you turn these appliances on. Ensure you use a clean, damp cloth to gently wipe down these areas prior cleaning your floor.

grahams_home_and_cleaning_care_home_cleaning_brisbane_clean_air_conditioner.jpg grahams_home_and_cleaning_care_home_cleaning_brisbane_clean_fan.jpg

Curtains & Screens

Curtains and screens near and attached to windows often collect a lot of dirt and dust carried in through open windows. Whilst this prevents a lot of these allergens from entering further into your home, when dealing with curtains and screens can cause these allergens to become air borne entering your body and causing all sorts of health problems. Regularly washing and vacuuming curtains and screens as part of your home cleaning Brisbane routine can help to reduce allergen build up.


Rubbish Bins

Rubbish bins throughout our day, store all our rubbish and spent goods. Rotting food and contaminated packaging held within bins make rubbish bins a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. We often think that by having bin liners that it keeps your bin clean and protected from all this bacteria, however; this is far from the truth. Bin lids and bin bottoms often contain a great deal of bacteria, as food and rubbish entering the bin smears onto the lid and can seep through bin liners if they are damaged. Home cleaning Brisbane experts recommend washing thoroughly with hot, soapy water weekly.


Appliances & Remotes

Appliances and remotes similar to light switches and door handles are used everyday, collecting bacteria, dirt and grime from our hands. Using a microfibre cloth on appliances such as televisions, printers and DVD players, gently remove dust and inanimate allergens from surfaces. On remotes and keyboards, use cotton buds to easily manoeuvre between buttons and crevices.

Utensil Holders

Toothbrush and cooking utensil holders over time collect and hold moisture, mould, mildew, food crumbs, dust, and other particles that can contaminate the items we put in them. We often overlook the places and things that we think we don’t physically use everyday, such as the holder itself, however; though we may not use them everyday, things that we use near them or put in them can affect the cleanliness of these items.


Underneath Furniture & Appliances

Dirt and dust brought in from outside on our feet and in the breeze, is easily swept under appliances and furniture. Often, these are the last places we think to clean, however; if not cleaned regularly, build up of dust, dropped food matter can attract unwanted pests into your home such as rats and cockroaches. These often hard to reach places can be cleaned by a long handled duster, vacuum or flat broom.

Windowsill, Skirting and Door & Window Runners

These little ledges, as they often a located near windows and doors catch dust and dirt as it settles. Unlike floors which can be easily swept or vacuumed, these small places are often harder to get to and require more focused attention to manoeuvre around. Slim vacuum nozzles are used by home cleaning Brisbane expert to easily reach these areas, however; you may need to loosen some hardened sediment with a dustpan brush or paintbrush prior vacuuming.


Carpet Edging

Similar to window and door runners, the edges of carpet where it meets the walls often create a little crevice where larger matter can be pushed into when vacuuming. We often don’t realise that over time these crevices are collecting more and more dust, food and other matter which can attract unwanted pests and contribute to allergies. Narrow vacuum nozzles are excellent to help remove this matter and allergens.

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Want to get your bond back? Why You Should Hire A Sunshine Coast Bond Cleaner

Moving out of a rental house can be incredibly stressful, all the paperwork, organising of belonging, planning your new place and cleaning up the place ready for the next tenant. It can leave you feeling exhausted and the last thing you want to do is spend hours upon hours cleaning your sunshine coast home on top of everything, who has time for that. Getting your bond back is important as not only does it go in your history, but it also helps to have it in your back pocket for your next property. Hiring someone to lend you a hand can take a huge weight off your shoulders when it comes to getting your bond back, here’s how.

Saves You Time

Professional bond cleaning is performed by experts who have experience in knowing how to clean every nook and cranny well. This saves you time as you can get on with the important stuff whilst they whizz through your home leaving a sparkling shine behind.


Saves You The Struggle

Professional cleaners skip the guessing game, they know what cleaning products to use in each situation. They can cut through oven grease and grime in half the time it would take to simply sit and scrub away.

Professional Equipment

With the latest heavy duty equipment, professional bond cleaners can remove stains and dirt with ease from carpets, appliances, floors, walls and it all. This also saves you money that you may have spent on cleaning products, vacuum cleaners and/or steam cleaners.


Industry Experts

Plenty of industry experience and knowledge enables professional bond cleaners to know how to ensure no area is left out. They are fast, thorough and most importantly hassle free.

Do you need help from a professional bond cleaner? Call Graham’s Sunshine Coast/Maroochydore Home & Cleaning Care. We take care of all your home and commercial bond cleaning needs to give you more time to do the important stuff. Get a free quote, contact us on 1300 134 035 today!